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‍Jolt’s mission is to help professionals like you design a brighter, more rewarding career. How? Through conversational, stackable learning. Our vision is next-level learning that’s as affordable, as available and as addictive as coffee.

In today’s business world, learning once isn’t enough. To win, you need to continuously acquire new skills, network and experience, and Jolt is here to help you get there.


Jolt was founded in 2015 by CEO Roei Deutsch, CTO Nadav Leshem and CRO Nitzan Cohen-Arazi. It started as a marketplace for lectures working with the B2B sector. In 2017 we launched our first campus in Tel-Aviv, offering memberships to the public. The second campus opened only a few months later. During 2018 we've raised Series A funding, and on January, 2019 - the third campus opened in Shoreditch, London.

Roei Deutsch
Co-Founder & CEO
Roei founded and sold his first media company at the age of 15 and was a consultant to FOX vice president at age 18. After serving in the elite IDF 8200 intelligence unit, Roei was hired to manage Veribo, a company whose turn around he engineered within one year. He was also part of the founding team of the political party Yesh Atid, where he led the party’s digital elections campaign. Roei was featured as one of Forbes’s "30 Under 30" in 2017.
Nitzan Cohen Arazi
Co-Founder & CRO
Nitzan has been involved in the vibrant Israeli Startup eco-system for most of her career, acquiring experience as an accelerator manager, investment manager, and now a founder. She has a lot of experience in teaching and coaching, mainly from her position in the Israeli air force. In 2015 Nitzan was named Forbes 30 under 30.
Nadav Leshem
Co-Founder & CTO
Nadav leads the development team and in charge of product delivery. Before Jolt Nadav was part of Wix.com - an online presence builder. He took part in the core-server team, developed client infrastructures and cloud infrastructures. He also acted as mentor and a lecturer there. Before Wix, Nadav was a Java engineer at Exent Ltd, and developed servers and operations solution for the company.
Lior Frenkel
CPO, Partner
Before Jolt, Lior was CEO of The nuSchool - an online school for Creative Freelancers. Lior wrote a best-seller, writes a popular blog, records a weekly podcast and is leading a big community in Israel - all around “Career in The New World”. Lior holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and has an M.A. in Philosophy and History.


Bianca Bass
Regional Marketing Lead, London
Daniel Lev-er
Regional Operations Lead, London
I own a pair of Nike sneakers that turns green in the sun and when it's cold stripes appear on them. These shoes are basically me.
Moriel Ben Israel
Jolters Success Manager
I’ve always been interested in learning about vintage handcrafting. The ability to create elaborate designs without computers or machines fascinates me.
Ilanit Izhar
Art Director
Dion Mickenzie
Regional Director, London
I'm fascinated by technology, and people who wear goofy socks
Shay Goldman
Full Stack Engineer
Tal Yarom
Product Manager
Elior Amar
Jolt Operator
Moran Ayash
Office Manager / PA
Since early childhood, I was always fascinated by observing people, focusing on their non verbal ways of communication, mime and body language. As I grew older, I learned to leverage this curiosity to a real skill I use in my personal and professional life
Shelly Dushnitzky
Business Development Manager
Most people don't know this, but I've run a total of 5 marathons in my lifetime.
Yevgen Glukhov
Product Designer
Oren Zigelman
Regional Marketing Lead, Israel
My superpower is remembering obscure, random facts.
Ori Steinitz
Head of Product
Give me a fluffy warm pastry and I'm yours forever.
Anaelle Goldberg
Jolters Success Manager
I'm interested in learning more about Buddhism and meditation as a tool to improve ADHD and neuron flexibility.
Nitzan Argov
Community Team Manager
Shir Milo
Community Manager
Chief Happiness Officer
Knowing that never will I fully understand the mystery of the universe saddens me deeply and makes me infinitely grateful at the same time
Ilay Noy
Community coordinator
If I could learn anything, I'd probably learn Italian, it's been on my list for a while now...
Adi Kuperman
Operations Team Manager
success is not the key to happiness – happiness is the key to success – if you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
Nati bar Grinman
Regional Director, Israel
I'm not a man of many words, I let my actions speak for themselves
Eliel Dabush
Full Stack Engineer
I have always been fascinated with people, that is why I am into psychology, learning about people and human interaction is my favorite.
Yael Rimon
Chief of Staff
Shachar Engel
Fullstack Engineer
I own more than 20 pairs of snickers altought they're not weird as individual pairs.
Ud Doron
Content Development Manager
The biggest gap in my education is that as a child I never watched a Disney movie. I started with Frozen and it changed my life.
Ran Shavit
Content Lead
Guy Mishaly
Experience Design Manager
Grew up believing I am what other people think I am. My greatest achievement is unlearning this, and setting out on a continuous journey of self-discovery & re-invention.
Tal Shmueli
VP Jolters
Enthusiast about finance related stuff, but actually in a lifelong quest to find the best hummus & spicy food spot.
Yuval Peled
Head of Finance
I love listening to my inner child. It is why I have very serious conversations with my 9 year old nephew.
Natan Weisband
Sales Manager

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