How Jolt's Kickstart Scheme Works?

Jolt acts as the administrator for the tech companies that sign up, allowing any firm — big or small — to participate.

Over 75 hours of live,  intensive, online training delivered by Jolt — and our teachers who are industry experts building the world’s most innovative companies — for each candidate over the first month of the 6-month program.

Jolt will match Kickstarters to companies through an interview process, making sure that employers get the right talent, and young people receive the right training before they start their placement.

Ongoing support for every candidate, with mentoring throughout the placement and constant access to support online through digital channels, including a dedicated Slack group.

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Our curriculum

Jolt’s bespoke Kickstart Curriculum has been designed to deliver skills and training in four key areas.

Becoming an effective Sales Development Representative

Providing exceptional Customer Service and learning Customer Retention Strategies

Understanding and succeeding within the tech ecosystem

How to be successful and add value to the workplace

Course Syllabus

Planning Ahead
Tech Jobs for Non-Techies
Identifying barriers & strengths
Create a Stand-Out CV
Build a LinkedIn Profile
Video Communication
Written Communication
Presentation Design
Speaking Like a Pro
Influencing Others
Project & time management
Digital Orientation
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Project Management
Remote Work Best Practices
Data analysis
Intro to Data
Google Sheets
Data Visualisation
Business models
Lean Startup
Business Model Canvas
Unit Economics
OKRs: How toSet Business Goals
Intro to Product Management
A/B Testing
UX Design
Growth Hacking
Building a Top Marketing Message
Intro to Paid Ads
Marketing Channels
Behavioural Economics
Sales and CS
BizDev Essentials
B2B Sales
Cold Outreach
Battling Churn
Quick Wins to Improve Customer Experience

Why join 
the Jolt Kickstart Scheme?

Make Kickstart work for you.

By acting as the administrator of the scheme and providing training, our offer gives you prepared, ambitious Kickstarters at any volume you need.

Create new routes into the Tech Industry.

Kickstart creates a valuable route for talented and ambitious young people aged 18-24, whether they’re straight out of school or graduating from university.

Build the UK’s talent pipeline. Support a new generation of talent, promote innovation and encourage business creation by investing in young talent.

Plug the skills gap before it’s too late.

The tech sector faces a severe shortage of talent needed to help them scale. Jolt delivers intensive training  in the key skills needed to grow a thriving, successful company, taught by industry experts who are doing just that, in real-time.

Set young people up for the future.

Jolt provides the training they need to hit the ground running and ongoing support during their 5-month placement, empowering them with employability skills to kickstart their professional careers, whatever they decide to pursue.

43d 4h 12M 15S left to apply

Sign up for tech talent

No commitments — just fill in your details and we'll get in touch to answer your questions and start the process.

43d 4h 12M 15S left to apply

Sign up for tech talent

No commitments — just fill in your details and we'll get in touch to answer your questions and start the process.