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Learn from world-class experts

How To Win At The Game Of Negotiation
Tony Perzow
@You Suck At Negotiating
How to Improve Your Intuition & Make Smarter Decisions
Elizabeth Knights-ward
Global Marketing Director @Novastone
Optimizing Your Team From Day One
Debbie Danon
Co-CEO TrustLab
Making Wicked Hard Product Decisions
Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product
Building a Brilliant Team
Christine Ng
Product & Technology @ Financial Times
The Career Stages of High Performing Professionals
Jon Younger
@Agile talent collaborative
How to Start a Speaking Career from Scratch
Brian Rashid
CEO, International Speaker
@A Life in Shorts
Content Writing for Web
Madison Salters
Lead Editor @The Toolbox, Nonfiction Editor

Our NAMBA® Syllabus

Personal Skills & Self Development
How To Improve Your Personal Brand
Ethan Brooks
Head of Client Success @ Modern Folly
Wix: How to Build A Killer Landing Page
Yoav Cohen
Head of Training @ Wix
Fundamental Techniques for Influencing Others
Liron Yona
Consulting & Training for optimal functioning and high-performance @ Mindshift
Marketing, sales & CS
User Acquisition: a Beginner's Guide to Marketing Funnels
Fabiana Giovanetti
Marketer, Author, Business Mentor @ Health Bloggers Community
Storytelling Techniques for Business
Madison Salters
Content Writer, Editor, Researcher @ The United Nations, Huffington Post, Peter Gabriel's The Toolbox, the UNTITLED Magazine, TripAdvisor
How to Build a Top Marketing Message
Maryan Bani
Creative Director @ Mellanox
Management & leadership
Leading Changes in Your Team
Jon Younger
Founder @ Agile talent collaborative
How to Develop Your Team's Talent
Christine Ng
Talent Acquisition Partner @ Financial Times
Crisis Management: the Only Three Things You Need
Bill Carmody
CEO @ Trepoint
Data Visualization
Alan Rutter
Founder @ Fire Plus Algebra
How to Use Google Analytics to Drive Business Insights
Nitesh Sharoff
Growth Marketing Specialist @ Growth Runner
Consumer Research DIY: How to Conduct Polls and Focus Groups
Itay Boneh
Marketing consultant & Strategist @ Itay Boneh
Lean Startup: How to Build & Launch a New Product
Sofie Annikki Dralle
CEO & Founder @ StopMyCraving Ltd
Intro to Product Management: Discover, Design, Build, and Control
Dror Ogen
Senior Product Manager @ Autodesk
Design for Non-designers
Maya Shafir Aloni
Designer & Lecturer @ Mishka
An Essential Guide to Unit Economics for Startups
Roei Deutsch
CEO @ Jolt
Startup Fundraising 101: Think Like an Investor
Itay Sagie
Co-Founder, CEO @
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