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A business programme that fits your life-style

Jolt was built for the self-made, giving you a true competitive advantage from your very first class. With micro campuses around London, it's the ideal way to learn while you work. Our Not an MBA ® is a business programme for those who don’t want to put their lives on pause.

  • Our intimate class sizes of 14 forward-thinking people like you is the ideal way to expand your network in a non-awkward way.
  • Each class is highly practical. We only teach things you can implement tomorrow.
  • Gain access to world-class leaders, interesting people and new ways of thinking.

Every hour of learning was created for one purpose: to give you a competitive advantage.

Grow your network

Gain a new, practical skill each week

Relevant instructors

Micro campuses in Soho and Liverpool Street

Check your compatibility

Our sane alternative for an MBA only include skills you can use tomorrow

Every session at Jolt is crafted to give immediate, measurable value – giving every participant a skill they can use tomorrow morning.

1.5 hour lessons

Lecture and debate

Introduction to UX & UI Design
Behavioral Economics: What Really Drives your Customers?
Networking: Let's Grab Coffee
Building a Brilliant Team
Case Study: How to Survive a Company Crisis
From San-Fran to Berlin: Connect between Distributed Teams
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Lecture and debate

Streamline work processes with digital tools
Effective ways of increasing team motivation
Setting productive boundaries for employees and colleagues
Learning to think outside of the box
The psychology behind building brilliant teams
Presenting ideas in structured ways
Giving and receiving more constructive feedback
Providing personal development for employees
Developing more commercial thinking
Host smarter and more engaging meetings
Identify personas and stronger communications
Goal-setting for your team
Working with decentralised teams at international scale
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3 hours workshops

Practical Tools & Practice

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Best Practices for Managing your Calendar
Start Negotiating Price like a Pro
An Essential Guide to Unit Economics for Startups
Improve Sales, Marketing and Support processes with HubSpot (CRM)
Run Productive Meetings
OKRs: How to Measure Business Performance (Based on the Measure What Matters Best-Selling Book)
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Depth learning on a selected topic

Agile Project Management
Maximize Your Team
Data-Driven Decision Making
Solve Complex Problems with Design Thinking
Using Data Every Day With Google Sheets
Intro to Managerial Finance: Budget & P&L
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How we built it

We’ve assembled an academic committee made out of tech executives who work for companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Tesla and are alumni of schools like Harvard, Wharton and Stanford.

We told them: let’s build a business programme so good you would have wanted to do it yourselves. A programme so current you’d want to hire its graduates. We also said – as this is a programme for the self made, it has to be flexible. And affordable. And it has to not only connect people together with world-class, current growth mindset – it has to do it in the most effective, innovative and immediate fashion.

"This program has many benefits and practical skills that are essential for tomorrow's leaders"
Yaniv Rivlin
General manager, Bird IL
Aya Mironi, MBA
London Business School
Head of Fiverr Pro, Fiverr
Yaniv Rivlin, MBA
General Manager, Bird IL
Lior Litwak, MBA
Harvard Business School
Principal for M12, Microsoft
Ofer Mehulal, MBA
Product Marketing Manager, Google IL
Hadar Barak, MBA
Sales Director, Drove
Adam Gavish, MBA
Cornell Tech
Product Manager, Google NY
Einav Dinur, MBA
Chicago Booth
VP Marketing, Zoomin
Ido Kretchmer, MBA
Global Marketing Director , Lumenis
Michael Mitrani, MBA
Head of Digital & Innovation, Super Pharm
Tal Zarankin, MBA
University of Missouri
Associate Professor at Radford University

Like an MBA, but made for today

Why Not an MBA ® works better for you:

Typical MBA
Not an MBA ®
Typical MBA vs Not An MBA ®

Puts your life on hold for two years

One session every week, while you work

A thick paper diploma

Skills you actually need

Admission — got wealthy parents?

Admission based on whether you're smart and ambitious

Pay up to £100,000 for a decent programme

£175/month. About £5,000 for the total programme in its completion

Learn stuff the government thinks you should learn

Battle-tested, current skills from the world’s most innovative companies

Learn from professors with ancient Powerpoints

Hands-on, current experts

Get taught at, not with

Conversational learning with world-class experts in intimate groups

400 people in an auditorium — good luck with networking!

10-14 new people around a table every week.

Get started when suits the institution, not you

Want to start tomorrow?

Learn from those who actually do

All of our sessions are casted LIVE to our campuses by world-class experts from the four greatest innovation hubs on the planet – Silicon Valley, London, Tel-Aviv and New-York.

How To Win At The Game Of Negotiation
Tony Perzow
@You Suck At Negotiating
How to Improve Your Intuition & Make Smarter Decisions
Elizabeth Knights-ward
Group Marketing Manager
@ LinkedIn
From Ideas to Prototypes
Eyal Halamish
Making Wicked Hard Product Decisions
Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product
Innovation: Think Epic, Be Epic
Bill Jensen
@The Jensen Group
The Career Stages of High Performing Professionals
Jon Younger
@Agile talent collaborative
How to Start a Speaking Career from Scratch
Brian Rashid
CEO, International Speaker
@A Life in Shorts
Advanced Growth Hacking: Strategy & Tools
Bill Carmody
Countless networking opportunities
Executive education that fits your lifestyle
Intimate and interactive

Gain a competitive advantage. Starting next week.

No debt. No antiquated teachers. Just practical lessons you can implement tomorrow.

Check your compatibility

Want to be in the top 1% of your industry? Apply for our Not an MBA programme today.

Secure your space

Not an MBA is designed to fit around your lifestyle—pay monthly, cancel any time.

Book your first class

Book your first expert-led class at our Soho or Liverpool Street campus.

Upskill the smarter way

Design your own curriculum one class a week, and track your progress in the app.

Prices that work for you, not against you

No debt, no loans. Leave with nothing but knowledge.


/ per month

Commit to finish the programme and pay less.

Cancellation terms: Cancel at any time three days prior to the next billing cycle and pay back the the discount you received. That's £20 for each month you're a member.


/ per month

Study with complete flexibility.

Cancellation terms: You can cancel at any time three days before the next billing cycle with no fee attached.

The whole programme will cost you no more than £5,000 - that's ±2.5% of the cost of traditional MBAs.

Our students are:

Professionals with a minimum of 4 years’ experience

New managers looking to make an impact

Aspiring business owners who want to learn and earn more

Check your compatibility

Advice and answers
from the Jolt Team

Liverpool Street Campus
34-37, Liverpool Street
London, EC2M 7PP
Soho Campus
Soho Huckletree, 44 Ingestre Place,
Ingestre Court , W1F 0JL, London, UK

The smarter way to upskill

The smarter way to upskill

The smarter way to upskill

The smarter way to upskill

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