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What to Expect At Jolt

Intimate learning groups
Jolt classes are held in small groups, meaning you’ll sit with — and get to know — a smaller number of professionals, like you. It’s an amazing networking opportunity
Conversational learning
Jolt is learning, but not as you know it. During each class, you’re encouraged to take part in discussions with both the teacher and your fellow students. Learning takes place before, during and after each session
Your choice of stackable skills
Choose what you learn from a wealth of micro-skills to advance your career. At Jolt, you learn on your own terms, creating the schedule that fits you and your interests
International expertise, delivered to you
Learn from world-class experts around the world, who have been carefully screened, trained and prepared to deliver content in an experiential and practical way


Jolt is fantastic! It’s fun, professional and so helpful in giving me tools and confidence.
Tom Whiting
Awesome. What's the deal with cancellations?
You can cancel at any time. No strings attached. (Although with content this good, we're pretty confident you won't need to. 🙌)
Where is the first Jolt classroom in London?
Our first Jolt campus is in a beautiful space next to Liverpool Street station, and the second is set to open in the heart of Soho in June 2019.
Can I go to other campuses when they open?
Absolutely. We’re all about encouraging movement between campuses — choose whichever location works best for you. Your membership offers unlimited access to them all.
What happens if I miss a class?
No problem. Your chosen class will come back again later on any given month — think of it like a gym. There will (nearly) always be another class scheduled later, to fit seamlessly around your lifestyle.
Can I watch classes remotely?
Not exactly. Our instructors teach remotely, via live, interactive video conferencing so you can learn from experts in Silicon Valley or Sydney. But the classes themselves take place in our special Jolt rooms, because we believe physical learning, among like-minded people, works best.

Did we mention the networking opportunities and amazing discussions that take place after each class? ✨