Here, we teach the world’s most effective business method: the startup method. Instead of lecturing on outdated theories and principles, we teach the latest in data, effective communication, personal skills and management — just like it’s done in the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Our classes are divided into four categories:

21st century skills
Business Methodologies
digital tools
Case Studies, How To’s & Trends

21st century skills


Time Management & Productivity
Helen Wright
Creator @ Female Founders Accelerator
Personal Branding
Miguel Casais
Founder @ Reign Supreme
Problem Solving
Erik Rodin
Co-Founder @ Able
Project Management
Medy Ract
Innovation Strategy Consultant & Product Owner @ Capgemini Invent

Business Methodologies

The most popular and battle-tested business methods of Silicon Valley and the current business world. A few examples:

The Hard THINGS about the Hard Things
In a startup environment, making quick decisions is just as important as making good decisions. More importantly, with so much chaos, uncertainty and unknowns lying around, it's probably your best option. This book explains how to do that exactly.
The four Steps to the Epiphany
Clearly elucidating the lean startup approach by breaking it down to clear and executable actions, this is the book to follow before and while on the search for the right business model for your venture.
The Everything Store
Following Amazon's Jeff Bezos' pursuit of re-inventing retail in detail, this book offers valuable insights into growing a small venture to a multi billion dollar business.
Predictable Revenue
Every business relies on sales - No matter how good your product or service are, you can't claim to be successful if you don't sell it. This book will help you transform your business into a mean sales and marketing machine.

digital tools

Current digital productivity tools that will help you achieve business goals and know enough to be dangerous. A few examples:

Case Studies, How To’s & Trends

In Business, Management, HR, Community Management, Marketing, Sales and Product. A few examples:

How To Win At The Game Of Negotiation
Tony Perzow
CEO/Founder @You Suck At Negotiating
How to Improve Your Intuition & Make Smarter Decisions
Elizabeth Knights-ward
Global Marketing Director @Novastone
From Ideas to Prototypes
Eyal Halamish
CEO @OurSay
Making Wicked Hard Product Decisions
Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product, Netflix
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What Do We Teach?

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90 min.
Discussion-driven session


3 hr.
Hands-on demo / training


4 meetings.
With reading materials and assignments


A collection of sessions to acquire a bigger skillset